How to use an Elgato Stream Deck?


Live streaming is a fast-action activity especially if you are a gaming streamer. Gamers can relate to this very much as they have to take care of a lot of things while playing a game other than enemies. They need to check the comments on the live stream, reply to the super chats, switch the screen to other apps, and many more. So, for these quick and multiple tasks, they cannot afford to go to the menu every time and switch the screen and that’s why they use the Elgato stream deck classic to ease the bizarre functions happening during the stream.

Being a streamer, you don’t want to puzzle up your fingers and mind by clicking menus every time to switch the screen or controlling functions, instead automate your stream with Elgato stream deck classic. The beginner streamers don’t actually know how much they need this tool but once they use it, they regret the time they have been taking it for granted.

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Intense gamers don’t like to lose focus from the screen and that’s why the Elgato stream deck classic comes up with various customizable buttons which you can adjust by yourself. You can decide which button you want to use for which activity. You can actually customize the icons with the images or text as per your liking. You need to switch the camera on or off, you don’t need to shut down your main screen and go to the camera setting, just simply click the button on stream deck. Look, how cool and convenient it is.

Stream decks saves you time and will not let you lose focus from your stream. But there is much more you can do with the stream decks and ease your streaming World. Let us tell you how.

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Connect and Comply with Your Stream Deck

First of all, if you are looking to buy a stream deck then go order your first Elgato Stream Deck Classic and then read this guide about using the stream deck. The rest of the readers, we believe already have it so come along and learn how to use it. Most of the stream decks allow you to connect it with the USB port and you can either use the computer’s USB port or the USB hub, but recommends you use the USB port of the computer.

Download the compatible stream deck software which you will be used to customize and control the deck itself. Here the connection between the stream deck and the computer is not the only connection you will have to make. You will have to connect your streaming platform with your stream deck software too.

How to use an Elgato Stream Deck?
Have a look at this: Connect Streaming Platform with Streaming Software

Link Your Stream Deck

As the Elgato Stream Deck Classic is meant to be convenient so we don’t want you to set up your buttons and icons as per our recommendations and someone else recommendations. It’s for your convenience so you should choose which button you want to select to perform which action.

Usually streamers customize their deck in a way that the functions they frequently perform, select the lowermost buttons for quick actions. Otherwise, it’s all your choice. If you don’t know how to do so, then don’t worry we are here to explain. 

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Open the stream deck software and look for the plugins and the rest of the process is drag and drop.

You can drag the function you want to perform and drop it on the slot.

For example, Elgato Stream deck classic provides buttons for camera, audio, messages, multiple screens, and many more. So, you can choose the function and drop it on the slot you want to use for that specific function. For a more detailed explanation, click here.

Customize Stream Deck Buttons

Once you will start using the Elgato stream deck classic, we assure you that it will become your daily driven tool. You will not feel comfortable without it no matter if you are streaming or not. As, automation is very fascinating and addictive innovation and once you get used to it, there is no going back.

There are tons of automation gadgets to buy like Amazon Alexa or Google Homes to make your daily life easy. But here talking about easing your streaming life, we want you to take one step further and personalize your streaming deck with your personally customized icons.

Elgato Stream Deck Classic allows you to download icons from the deck store or also allows you to customize them by yourself. To perform this action, you just simply need to click on the icon you want to change and click on the dropdown and select the new text or image from the folder you want to source it from.  

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Stream bigger

Elgato Stream deck classic comes up with 15 buttons on the deck and if this still doesn’t meet your requirement and you need to add more buttons there is an option to organize your buttons in different folders. You can add various buttons in one folder and some of them in another folder and that’s how you can stream bigger with Elgato stream deck classic.

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Fair enough? We believe that now you are aware of the fact that you cannot stream smoothly without a streaming deck. This tool enhances your workflow and makes your stream more engaging for your audience. A stream deck can help a streamer be more efficient, customize their streaming experience, and appear more professional. It allows you to control various aspects of their stream with the touch of a button, create custom buttons and macros, and perform specific actions within their streaming software or on your computer.

If you don’t have a streaming deck check out the Elgato Stream Deck Classic on our website This stream deck is available for sale at an affordable price, in black color, compatible with both Windows and iOS, with remote control option and USB compatibility.

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