How to Factory Reset an HP Laptop: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide

I. Introduction

A. Explanation of factory reset and its significance for HP laptop users

Most people need to learn how to factory reset an hp laptop. Or it would be better to say that people don’t know laptops can be factory reset. This terminology of factory data reset has been mostly used for mobile phones and not laptops and computers. But, now you also must be wondering how to factory reset an hp laptop

Factory reset is removing all your outbound data all at once to eliminate corrupted files, viruses, malware, and certain storage-related issues. But the most vital significance of factory reset for hp laptop users is that if you want to renew your system and make a fresh start, you should go for the factory reset. 

B. Importance of factory resetting to resolve performance issues and privacy concerns

With time and the usage of a system, it gets slow, and this slowness of computers is highly affected by the storage, corrupted files, and the viruses embedded in the form of exe. Files that need to be removed, but it’s hard to locate each one of them as they are in huge numbers. All these factors affect performance and can be used as a tool to get access to your computer from other computers. So, factory data lets you remove all such bugs and files that could be used for odd purposes simultaneously. 

C. Overview of what the article will cover

This article is a step-by-step guide on how to factory reset an hp laptop. But, before you learn the actual, you must be aware of the backstory of factory reset. You must know why people need to reset their systems. 

II. Backup Your Data Before Proceeding

A. Emphasizing the necessity of data backup before factory reset

Do you know how to factory reset an hp laptop? There is no need to worry about it. Come along; with us; this guide will not only guide you on how to factory reset an hp laptop but also tell you about the insights of factory data reset. 

You must be aware of the fact that factory data reset means the removal of the whole outbound data present in your laptops. You cannot choose which one to delete or which one to keep. So, keeping this in mind, you can back up your necessary data. 

B. Different backup options (external drives, cloud storage)

You can use many options to back up your necessary data, which is important to know before you learn how to factory reset an hp laptop. You can use online cloud storage such as Google Drive and 1 Drive. Or you can use external drives like SSDs, USBs, and hard drives.  

C. Step-by-step guide to backing up data effectively

Here is a quick and effective guide for backing up your storage data before proceeding to an actual guide about how to factory reset an hp laptop. 

  • Select the data you think is necessary and collect them in one computer folder for your convenience. 
  • Now select the backup medium where you want to back up your data. The selection of medium depends on the size of the data. Online cloud storage gives you limited storage space, but if you have a huge amount of data, you should use external devices with the required storage capacity. 
  • Transfer your data. 
  • Make sure the data you transferred works by plugging the drive into any other computer. Sometimes files got corrupted while transferring too. 
  • You should proceed to factory reset once confident that the files are successfully transferred. 

III. Understanding Factory Reset on HP Laptops

A. Explanation of what a factory reset entails

Factory reset entails all the data present in the computer and returns your system to the default settings. You feel like you just bought the laptop. But after learning how to factory reset an hp laptop, don’t reset frequently; it has consequences, which we will discuss later in the article. 

B. Differentiating between a factory reset and a regular system reset

You can understand that a factory reset means your laptop will return as soon as it comes from the factory. No data, software, or system updates are left after the factory reset. While the regular system recovery doesn’t remove your data, it just removes the software updates and clears up some cache. 

C. Precautions and considerations before initiating a factory reset

Before initiating, you must know that all your data will be lost after resetting. So, back up your data as a precaution. Your online accounts will get removed, so if you want to change the password, do it before resetting. Make sure you need a factory reset, as you must install and download all the software and updates again. Before you learn how to factory reset an hp laptop, you must learn many “how-tos” for proper understanding. 

IV. Preparations Before Factory Reset

A. Checking system requirements and prerequisites

Your windows must be compatible with the function you are going to perform. The prerequisites involve that your laptop must have at least 20 free space. 

B. Ensuring the laptop is adequately charged or connected to power

Your laptop will automatically pop up the message that you must not turn off the laptop or plug out the charger. That’s why before proceeding, charge your laptop fully, as it may take some time, or connect it with a charger. 

C. Creating a recovery drive (if applicable)

Most HP laptop models offer a recovery drive where all the data is temporarily saved, and you can re-download the data after the factory reset. 

V. How to Factory Reset an HP Laptop – Windows 10

A. Step 1: Accessing the Settings menu

Scroll to the Windows startup menu and click the settings. 

B. Step 2: Navigating to the Update & Security section

Go to the update and security section in the settings.

C. Step 3: Selecting the Recovery option

On the left-hand side, there is an option for recovery. Click that option.

D. Step 4: Initiating the Reset process

When you click the recovery option, windows will start resetting the computer. 

E. Step 5: Choosing between “Keep my files” and “Remove everything.”

Windows 10 in HP laptops allows removing or keeping the files, but resetting is impossible if you still want to keep the files and data. 

F. Step 6: Confirming the reset and begin the process

Confirm the optimum option and start the process. 

So, this was one answer to the question “How to factory reset an hp laptop.” There are a lot more answers to the same question. 

VI. How to Factory Reset an HP Laptop – Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 7

A. Step 1: Accessing the Control Panel

In Windows 8/8.1 and 7, please scroll to the control panel and open it. 

B. Step 2: Navigating to the Recovery section

Select the recovery option in the control panel menu. 

C. Step 3: Selecting the “Advanced recovery methods” option

Windows 8/8.1 and 7 give you the advanced recovery option; select it. 

D. Step 4: Initiating the Reset process

The process of resetting will start as soon as you click. 

E. Step 5: “Just remove my files” and “Fully clean the drive.”

Windows 8/8.1 and 7 also allow you to clean the whole drive completely or remove the files. Select as per your requirement.

F. Step 6: Confirming the reset and begin the process

Confirm and start the process. It will take some time. 

VII. The Factory Reset Process and Time Frame

A. Explaining the stages involved in the factory reset process

After you click the recovery options Windows 10, 8/8.1, and 7 give you advanced recovery options, you can choose whether to completely reset the whole system, which will remove all the data, software, and updates from the computer. OR, you can choose the remove the files. It will clear up the storage and not remove updates and software. 

B. Approximate time required for completion

HP laptops vary in timing of resetting from 30 minutes and 3 hours. This time depends on the specs of the laptops, RAM, Hard drives, and processor. 

C. Troubleshooting potential issues during the reset

Sometimes the issues may occur, and the process may start, but you can resolve them by troubleshooting them or by taking online help from the dedicated sources of HP. 

VIII. What to Do After the Factory Reset

A. Laptop restart and initial setup

As soon as you finish all the steps of our guide “How to factory reset an hp laptop,” the HP laptop gives you the option to restart the system now or later; you should go for the immediate Restart as the laptop will not function until you restart. 

B. Restoring data from the backup

Now that you are done with the factory reset and restored the data in your laptop, connect the external or online drive, and start restoring. This process will also take some time, as per the size of your data. 

C. Reinstalling essential applications and drivers

The complete removal of data will result in uninstalling all the drives and software, so you will have to reinstall all of them.  

IX. Factory Reset on an HP Laptop with Recovery Partition

A. Explanation of recovery partition and its benefits

The recovery partition is optional, and you can select it by scrolling down to the Windows menu and searching for the recovery partition. If you want to keep the recovery partition for later use, connect the USB and save it there. The factory default settings become inaccessible once you turn off the recovery partition. 

B. Accessing the recovery partition during boot-up

You can also access the recovery partition during boot-up by following certain steps.

  • From the log-in screen, click shutdown and hold the right shift button.
  • Click Restart while holding the right shift button. 
  • Click start, and the setting will open. 
  • Go to update and security and select the recovery partition. 
  • Start the process. 

C. Following the on-screen prompts for factory reset

  • Open the command prompt and type disk apart on your HP laptop. 
  • Follow the commands and select the disk 0 list partition. 
  • Type exit, leave the command prompt, and restart the laptop. 
X. Factory Reset via HP Recovery Manager

A. Overview of the HP Recovery Manager application

HP recovery manager application allows the HP user to default the system to its original state. You can access the recovery manager application by downloading it and pressing the f1 option until it says Windows is loading files. It will help you back up your data and rest too. 

B. Launching HP Recovery Manager and choosing factory reset

You can factory reset through the HP recovery manager and access this application according to the instructions above. 

C. Additional recovery options and settings

 HP recovery manager application gives you additional recovery options for specific files and folders, whether you want to keep the files of that certain folder or reset the whole laptop at once. 

XI. Factory Resetting Older HP Laptops with CDs or DVDs

A. Explaining the use of recovery CDs/DVDs

You must be wondering how to factory reset an hp laptop with DVDs. But before the HP recovery manager application, CDs/DVDs were used to boot the system. Where you could repair and reset the laptop and retrieve the necessary data. 

B. Steps to perform a factory reset using recovery media

  • Insert the recovery disk and press the power button to start the laptop. 
  • The options will be shown on the screen, and select to repair or recover the laptop. 
  • The process will start, and after it finishes, restart the laptop. 

C. Availability and usage of external recovery discs

 Now the CDs/DVDs are not that available and those applied to the old models of HP laptops which are also not used nowadays. 

XII. Troubleshooting Common Issues During Factory Reset

The CDs/DVDs recovery option was full of troubleshooting problems as the laptops didn’t read the disks appropriately, and the process got stopped in between. 

A. Error messages and their potential causes

The main cause of troubleshooting problems is the corrupted system files, or the issues may occur if the required files and folders are not present. 

B. How to resolve common problems encountered during reset

You can easily resolve such issues by getting online help or using the SFC system file checker, which will allow you to scan the files and download the required files. 

C. Seeking professional help if issues persist

You can ask the dedicated HP community for professional help to resolve our issues. 

XIII. Factory Reset for Enhanced Performance and Security

A. Advantages of a clean slate for improved laptop performance

A clean slate makes your management of files convenient. You can keep what you want and remove the unnecessary files. The clean slate will reduce the clutter in your system, and that clutter reduces the performance, so you can enhance the performance by managing the clutter through a clean slate. 

B. Addressing security concerns and data privacy through the reset

The factory reset allows you to remove the files present in your system that could be used to hack your system or harm your laptop.   

C. Regular maintenance practices to avoid the need for frequent resets

 You must have good and paid anti-malware software that regularly and efficiently removes the clutter from your device. Another precaution to avoid resets is not downloading or transferring unnecessary software and data, as most malware is integrated with low-grade software and data. 


Factory resets are necessary after an optimum usage or life of a laptop, as the laptops need a break from the daily usage and data inputs. However, frequent factory resets affect the built-in software and system of the HP and can permanently harm the laptop. To avoid the frequency of factory resetting, you can take care of your laptop by installing appropriate anti-malware and cleaning software. But you must be aware of the step-by-step guide on how to factory reset an hp laptop. 

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