ChatGPT- Everything You Need to Know

For the past few months we are noticing some rumors about this AI tool called ChatGPT and we believe you also have read about it on social media posts or listened from your friends.

Majority of the people don’t know what ChatGPT actually is and what its actual use and power are. But don’t worry! You are reading this exclusive blog on and this will explain to you ChatGPT- Everything You Need to Know about it.

What Actually ChatGPT is?

Just to make sure that all readers have the basic knowledge, we want to explain what a chatbot is. In real-time, for example, whenever you visit a website, suddenly a message appears from the top or bottom asking, “How may I help you?” with your name. If you think that there is always a person in the back end who send this message, you are both right and wrong.

Back in the days when chatbots were not invented, it was done manually but now this activity is performed by chatbots because chatbots are programmed through coding that whenever someone opens this site you will send him/her this message and answer all the questions he/she asks because all the FAQs are already programmed in that chatbot.

We believe now you know what chatbots are. We can proceed to ChatGPT because it is the advanced variant of chatbots.

In November 2022, a company named OpenAI which is an artificial intelligence-based software company launched a ChatBot named ChatGPT. ChatGPT is the most advanced chatbot ever published for public use. It can perform certain activities with the highest precision.

Some of the mind-boggling functions are stated below:

  • With few instructions and requirements, it can generate the picture which you have thought of in your mind.
  • Need an essay, email, article, or blog? Just enter the title and requirements, wait for 30 seconds and ChatGPT will give you thousands of freshly baked non-plagiarized content on any topic you want.
  • Difficult to understand Quantum physics lecture? Ask ChatGPT to explain quantum physics to you. You will never doubt it again.
  • Can’t solve the math problem? Don’t worry ChatGPT got your back and will solve the question for you within seconds.
  • Are you a computer science student and have coding assignments to do in one night? Even though you should do it by yourself but still to save some time and ease your student life, ChatGPT can write thousands of lines of code within few seconds.
  • Language translations
  • Writing poems and news headlines
  • Summarizing the research papers
  • Writing thesis and dissertations

The list doesn’t end here. These are just basic functions that are common and that everyone can use. The deeper you go into the AI, the more mind-boggling activities you will find that AI can perform.

We think we got lost, so we want you to come back to the actual definition of ChatGPT.

If we dissect the actual word of ChatGPT, we believe that 99% person of people who are aware of it still don’t know what GPT means.

GPT is the name of a technology that is actually GPT-3 technology. GPT-3 stands for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer-3. Deep learning is a subject of which computer science students must be aware but for those who don’t know, all the AI-based software and chatbots work on deep learning.

Using the codes, text, and images, the computers are trained to actually work like humans and perform such activities which humans can perform with the same accuracy but in lesser time. To make it think and function like a human, a model is optimized using Reinforcement learning with Human Feedback. This model is coded by computer scientists and coders and these codes work similarly to the brain and nerves in the human body.

What ChatGPT can do?

If you remember, we mentioned some basic functions of ChatGPT at the beginning of this blog but now I want to show you the actual power of ChatGPT. We have attached some screenshots below showing codes generated by the ChatGPT and quantum computing explained by ChatGPT.

Screenshot of ChatGPT
Screenshot of ChatGPT

Now that you have seen what ChatGPT can do, go and try on your own. Just signup and write in the search box whatever you want and it will automatically start generating your required content. Interview with ChatGPT

For the sake of fun and to really validate the power of ChatGPT, we decided to directly interview ChatGPT itself to find its ultimate power and what it is capable of. Have a look at the screenshot below in which we asked ChatGPT questions about itself and it answered very well.

Interview with ChatGPT

You can judge that ChatGPT is very well-trained and has very good manners and ethics. Apart from jokes, it is a very powerful tool and you will admire it once you will use it. But before using it, read this blog so that you can have the required knowledge about the thing you are interacting with.

Step-by-Step Working of ChatGPT

We mentioned above about Reinforcement learning with human feedback. By utilizing the feedback, a pre-trained model was optimized and was trained using billions of codes and data collected from all over the world. When these codes, texts, images, and data are combined, it gives you an accurate visual about putting about anything you want.

Following steps are involved in the working of ChatGPT.

Step 1. Input: The model receives a sequence of words as input which is also known as a command.

Step 2. Encoding: The input is evaluated by an encoder which turns text into numerical figures known as a dataset. The dataset is then passed via a succession of multi-head attention layers which allow the model to attend to different parts of the input and construct a representation of the context of the input.

Step 3. Decoding: Decoding follows with the context representation being sent to a succession of fully linked layers which create a likelihood function across the vocabulary for each word in the output sequence.

Step 4. Output: The model chooses the next most likely word in the sequence and adds it to the request. This procedure is done until it reaches the desired length and it can be summarized as well as extended as you will command it to do.

If you don’t believe it, have a look at the following screenshot in which ChatGPT itself is explaining the working of its own.

Step-by-Step Working of ChatGPT

As we are writing this blog, we are also testing the ChatGPT by ourselves and we believe by the end of this blog we will completely put our trust in it. If you’re reading this, you will also do the same.

Other insights of ChatGPT

ChatGPT has a huge vocabulary and expertise as well as the ability to grasp words in context allowing them to replicate human speech patterns and deliver encyclopedic knowledge.

Other technological firms such as Google and Meta have created their own language model tools that generate responses to human prompts.

OpenAI has taken a groundbreaking step by making its language model available to the entire public via a user interface. Recent attempts to deploy chatbots for real-world services have been carried out while on the other hand world has met with hurdles and sometimes with unexpected consequences. For example, Koko, a mental health firm recently encountered backlash after its founder blogged about utilizing GPT-3 in a trial to reply to users.

The co-founder of this Chatbot revealed some immense power of this AI tool and tweeted that it can replace customer service agents very efficiently and even said that can prove itself as an AI lawyer and can defend the client in front of the judge in the courtroom no matter which country’s policies and rules it is fighting against.

If this is true, it is really powerful then.

Is Artificial Intelligence Scary?

We all have listened to this rumor that AI is a scary technology and can overcome the human race. It doesn’t mean that humans will become slaves of technology and AI will start ruling the earth.

What it actually means is clarified by our opinion. People are scared of AI in the sense that it can perform the same function that a human can with greater precision and accuracy and in less time.

Let us give you some examples related to ChatGPT. These examples are based on some questions asked from ChatGPT and the answers make it scary for people.

Ability to destroy whole technology in the World

AI can create malware that could be unstoppable but it is not a human. AI can work 24/7 and work a thousand times faster than humans and can create malware endlessly until all the technology in the World will get destroyed. Even if our cyber security experts are capable of finding a cure for the malware, they are not quick as an AI. AI can make it unique every single second and we couldn’t do anything about it because it is happening in seconds.

Frauds in Academics

Students are really happy nowadays after the publicity of ChatGPT because it can create research papers, thesis, and essays, generate codes for computer science class and solve math problems.

You will be amazed to know that USMLE is tested for doctors in the USA which doctors need to clear before starting practice in a hospital in the USA and ChatGPT can answer 60% of the answers accurately and the passing criteria for the USMLE test is 60%.

Stealing Jobs of Writers

This thing is scary for people related to the digital field including writing, brainstorming, creative works, etc. because AI collects data from billions of resources and will generate high-quality content as much as you want on any topic. This is scary for writers because it will save companies a lot of money and writers will lose their job because now instead of paying a writer, they can get this service for free.

People Getting attached to it Psychologically

A lot of people are heartbroken due to some incident and want to be alone and want someone to talk with or chat with. This Chatbot is the biggest companion for those but isn’t it scary to get attached to a thing that is not alive? But still, ChatGPT is optimized to chat with complete emotions and this trait makes it scarier that even this is not alive but still can talk like a human.

ChatGPT can express emotions and feelings through words and erase your loneliness and can become your chat partner but this is psychologically not right and a person who is using it as a partner can go insane when he/she will try to cross the limit.

Several other scams can be done using AI. You can make fool of Job recruiters by writing a job letter with ChatGPT. A lot of scam messages can be written using this technology because the scam messages must be written in good English in order to gain the trust of the reader and ChatGPT has the ability to generate such types of messages.


Finally, ChatGPT is a sophisticated and complex language model created by OpenAI that has transformed the way humans communicate with AI technologies. ChatGPT’s ability to interpret and generate human-like language makes it useful in a variety of domains including customer support, language translation, and content production.

Because of its ability to grasp the context, recall previous contacts, and deliver customized solutions, it is a significant tool for both businesses and individuals.

ChatGPT’s continued development and refinement will almost certainly result in many more novel and fascinating uses in the future.

This article is written to provide basic knowledge about the new technologies being used in the world right now and to update you about the new viral tool which we are seeing everywhere and which everyone is talking about. You should also have knowledge about it so that you can also put your opinion in front of others. Don’t forget to give ChatGPT a try. We assure you that you will admire its powers just like we did when we explored it before and while writing this article as well.


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