Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR: The Cheapest Beginner-Friendly Camera for Photography Enthusiasts

We care about your passion for photography. Now that you have clicked on this article, we have assumed that you’re a beginner who don’t want to jump to the expensive cameras directly or you don’t want to invest in an expensive camera.

If you are planning to lean on this one and then upgrade, that’s an impressive and motivated approach.

We appreciate the courage and motivation of such people who do not let their passion die for the sake of money or not being experts in that field. So, we are here to brief you about Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR: The cheapest and beginner-friendly camera for photography enthusiasts, just like you because you can buy it just for 125.00$.

Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR: The Cheapest Beginner-Friendly Camera for Photography Enthusiasts
Canon allows newbies to join the game
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If your requirement is just a good camera at an affordable price and you are in a hurry, then buy this camera now.

The rest of you who have a bag full of technical requirements and have some specifications in mind, come along and check out the complete information regarding this product. This article will help you to compare the product with your needs and requirements and will serve as a driving force to help you make an informed decision.

Key Specifications of Canon EOS REBEL T7 DSLR


Weight0.45 Kg
Sensor24MP – APS-C CMOS
Dimensions129 × 101 × 78 mm
ISO100-6400 (expands to 12800)
Drive mode3.0fps continuous shooting
Wi-fi & NFCEnabled
VideoFull-HD 30fps

History of Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR

Canon T7 is the second variant of the T series, launched in 2018. The first one was T6, which differs from this T7 in sensor and ISO quality.

The appearance and prices are almost the same but T7 is way better than T6. So, it was a good upgrade as Canon worked mostly on picture and video quality.

Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR: The Cheapest Beginner-Friendly Camera for Photography Enthusiasts
Canon allows newbies to join the game
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Appearance and Compliance

The visual quality of the Canon Rebel T7 DSLR at this price is exceptional. You get a durable plastic body, perfect for those who like to use their equipment roughly.

It is constructed in such a way that it can survive harsh conditions and can bear little wear and tear.

Canon T7 has a 3-inch LCD with 920 pixels. It comes up with 7 brightness levels and also provides a single-lens eye viewfinder at the top of the screen.

Canon has ensured that while handling the camera the photographer must have a good grip because if you are on an adventure or a bumpy road, the camera should not slip from your hands.

That is why Canon has provided a rubbery texture on the handgrip which enhances compliance for the user. Moreover, it is compatible and the size and weight of this camera are ideal to be used single-handedly.

Wi-fi and NFC Enabled Camera

Wi-fi and NFC are both the basic need for a photographer to resolve connectivity issues.

Wi-fi enables you to transfer data within seconds to your other devices such as mobile or laptops. When you are on a vacation and you do not have enough storage capacity in your SD card inserted in the camera, you would want to clear it up quickly using Wi-Fi to continue shooting.

It is slightly irritating if your camera doesn’t support Wi-Fi and for transferring the data from the camera to another device, you need a cable. But you don’t need to worry if you have Canon T7. You can transfer all your data within seconds through Wi-Fi

If you want to perform this action more quickly, it is also equipped with NFC which will make your experience way faster.

9 Point Autofocusing Easing your Photography Experience

Have you ever seen someone taking pictures from the camera or have you clicked a picture with a camera by yourself? If yes, then it would be easy for you to understand the 9 points. When you take a picture and try to focus, you find 9 green or red colored spots on the screen and these points help combinedly to focus your desired object automatically.

The advantage of 9-point AF is that the selection of points automatically adjusts the exposure and your camera will focus on a certain length and you don’t have to manually do anything. So, just keep on capturing your beloved moments.   

Fast Image Processing by DIGIC 4+

DIGIC 4+ is a processor of the camera. DIGIC stands for Digital Imaging Integrated Circuit. In the computer and mobile phones, we have different processors like core i5 and i7 which determine the processing speed of the computer and make the computer fast or slow accordingly. Just like that when you click a picture or shoot a video, it is also processed internally by the camera and then it is shown on the screen.

Canon uses different processors like DIGIC 4, 4+, 5, and up to 8. Canon T7 uses DIGIC 4+ processer and this makes your experience very smooth and fast.

The role of the DIGIC processor has become increasingly important with the advancement of the specifications of cameras in terms of functionality, pixel density, and sophistication.

The autofocusing system of the EOS T, which requires the image processor to handle up to 40 times more information during Live View shooting than the EOS 5D Mark IV which is the old model of canon, is a prime example of this.

The new DIGIC 8 processor is the most advanced processor canon uses in cameras and is capable of handling large information while capturing time-lapse, hyper-lapse, slow-motion videos, and even 8K videos with greater stability.

It is safe to say that the performance of the DIGIC image processor is critical to the advancement of new camera features and the development of future models.

Panning mode, Time-Lapse Movies, and in-camera lens correction via the Digital Lens Optimizer all necessitate a significant amount of computational power which was made possible by upgrades to the DIGIC processor.

High-Quality Shots and Full HD Videos with 24MP and 30fps

If you will compare the T7 with previous models of the canon or other companion companies’ cameras within the same price range, the biggest difference you will feel is the picture and video quality. Picture and video quality are way better in T7 which was the original motto behind this construction.

The motto was to provide high-definition video and high-pixelated images in low-cost equipment.

The T6 model was equipped with 18Mp and Canon took one step further while launching the T7 and upgraded it to 24Mp.   

Here is another attractive fact for those photographers who loves to edit the picture after capturing and for those who love to play with picture and enjoy experimenting with new things with the pictures.

Canon rebel T7 allows the photographer to edit the picture and add new effects in RAW form. If you have a little bit of knowledge of photography, then you must be aware of this thing. Expert editors always edit the pictures in RAW form.

Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR: The Cheapest Beginner-Friendly Camera for Photography Enthusiasts
Canon allows newbies to join the game
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RAW photography is beneficial in several ways which are listed below for better understanding:

  • You get the highest level of quality because the sensor captures all the information in RAW form which in normal pictures is taken for granted.
  • Captures the greatest level of brightness and transitions become a lot smoother in RAW photography.
  •  Automatically adjust the optimum exposure required at that time because sometimes you are in a hurry and want to capture the moment immediately so you better not want to waste time setting the exposure and brightness.
  • White balance adjustment is way too easy in RAW form but this adjustment is adjusted later while editing.
  • RAW photography sharpens the details and allows you to edit them within a wide range according to your needs.
  • RAW data is other than the original data so you can freely perform experiments on RAW images without the fear that your data will get interrupted. Your original data is safe and you can think of it in this way it is a dummy image.
  • Have you ever tried to get a print of the image you captured on your phone or camera on an A4 sheet? If not then do this experiment. Print a RAW image and a normal image. You will the difference in color and details of the print. RAW image print gives you a sleeker experience.
  • RAW images give you a wide window of colors. You can adjust the colors of the image in a wide range and colors adhere more strongly in RAW form. The use of the picture on various platforms depends on the colors. If you want to post a picture on social media and you want it to be aesthetic, you will choose light colors. But if you want to frame the picture on a bigger scale you need more vibrant colors. The RAW image allows you to do such high- and low-level color grading as per your needs.
  • A bulk of RAW images can be edited all at once with a single adjustment and selection of color and your work becomes way easier. Let us give you an example. Suppose you are shooting for a wedding and you captured 1000 photos in the same environment and with the same lighting. If you did all the shooting in a RAW form you can edit all the pictures all at once by adjusting common colors, brightness, and exposure in the editing tool.
  • RAW images never let their quality fall and this thing helps you when you dealing with a client. While transferring the data from one device to another device, the RAW form doesn’t allow the system to compromise the quality.

Now, if we talk about videos, the Canon rebel T7 allows you to shoot videos in 30 frames per second. The greater the fps, the smoother your video will be. 30 frames per second is a strong feature in this price range.

Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR: The Cheapest Beginner-Friendly Camera for Photography Enthusiasts
Canon allows newbies to join the game
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Strong Flash Light Mounted at the Top

While shooting in the dark, a strong flashlight is necessary. The camera has impressive low-light performance which we’ll discuss further in the next sections. Some photographers opt to add extra lights for better results but they’ll find that the built-in flashlight suffices. It performs well and meets expectations for a good flashlight.

Low light Performance

Now, let’s talk about some technicalities of photography. Low light performance greatly depends on the ISO range and shutter or capture speed of the camera.

Canon Rebel T7 has an ISO that ranges from 100-6400 and is expandable to 12800 which is not a bad feature for a beginner. A beginner will never face any problem with its low-light performance but some professionals showed some sort of negativity for its low-light performance which Canon took care of and launched a new variant Canon T7i in which low-light performance was the main focus and professionals were very happy with this upgrade.

Once again, for newbies, it is very good. We are just being honest with you. For beginner photographers, the Rebel T7 is more than adequate.

Point to Ponder: While shooting in low light, it’s best to turn off autofocus and focus manually for optimal results.

Honest Verdict for Canon Rebel T7 DSLR

If you are thinking for a long time to step into the world of photography but are afraid to invest a big amount in expensive equipment, this product is ideal for you to start up.

Secondly, if you want a camera for daily life shooting and are not a social media influencer who requires high-definition pictures and videos if you just want to capture your memories of old times, then this camera is made especially for you.

T7 captures stunning images, however, the lighting must be optimal. While there may be cameras with slight advantages within this budget, choosing T7 won’t be a disappointment.

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